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Fabletics Review

21 Aug

I am not sponsored by any company, any review or shout out is purely my opinion and does not represent the company.

The other day I saw a commercial on TV for Fabletics Apparel. If you haven’t heard about it, it’s an athletic apparel website co-founded by Kate Hudson. You answer a little quiz regarding your workout style and they pair outfits together at an actually reasonable price. I was super skeptical but for $30 I got a top, a sports bra and new shorts and I wasn’t going to pass that up! 

I was pleasantly surprised. The clothes fit true to size and were very comfortable to work out in. My only complaint was the cut of the sports bra. I’m not sure if the problem would be solved by ordering a size up but it has a cut out in the back that makes the edges rub a bit against my shoulders. It was fine for the gym but I don’t think I’d wear it running any sort of distance.

All in all I’ll be using the website again in the future. What’s your favorite brand of workout gear??

Back cut out

Back cut out

workout outfit

I need a tan...

I need a tan…

I’ve been bad about writing down my workouts the past couple weeks but I will start posting them again soon for anyone looking for some ideas!

Human Connection

18 Aug

I look through my phone and have all these workouts I mean to post or new recipes I’ve made and yet for some reason I’ve been missing that step to actually post them. I apologize :-/

This weekend was pretty busy. Saturday I had some ladies over for brunch while hubby had to go into work and got a quick workout in with Yoga Meltdown. Yesterday I skipped the workout because we spent all afternoon landscaping the yard… moving that many bricks and weeds was enough of a workout for my back! Hopefully just a couple more weekends and the yard make over will be done.

On the drive for a Home Depot run (one of many) hubby and I got to talking. I’m not sure why but lately the idea of human connection has been on my mind a lot. Probably part of why I’ve been spending less time online and posting. I’ve been thanked for doing things that, in my opinion, are what any decent human being would do. I’ve seen more and more people who seem to have forgotten how to be polite and on the news violence and shootings seems to be the norm. A doctor I work with wrote a post on a similar topic in The Story of Health and ended with the sentence that he has been a sleepwalker in a sleepwalking society. I think that’s when it hit me. We’ve lost passion in our society. Not passion for sports or arguments… there’s plenty of that. Passion for each other. Respect for each other and each others’ lives. You hear stories of people being beaten and bystanders taking videos instead of helping. Is that the norm now? If so, how did it become that way?

By this point you’re probably wondering what this has to do with fitness and why I’m writing about it. If we have lost passion for each other, the passion for living, why would we expect people to be passionate about healthy living? I think part of what makes fitness so addicting (aside from the post work out highs and the confidence gains) is the fitness community. I’ve posted about it before but I don’t think I drew the same connection. This community is made of people who are fighting for something. Whether it’s a fight for weight loss or a fight to earn their place in a competition or just fighting to live the best life they can… those involved in the fitness community have usually found a passion for life.

So here’s my goal moving forward and what I challenge you to do. Spread that passion. Take the supportive environment in the gym and bring it outside. Hold the door open for someone, it’s the same amount of courtesy as taking your weight plates off a machine. Smile at your neighbor, it might be more encouraging than telling your gym partner they’ve had a great set. Just bring the passion and dedication we put into our workouts into the real world. Who knows, maybe it won’t change a thing, but maybe it will and maybe it will inspire people to seek out the healthy lifestyle. If you can inspire even one person to join our fight, it’s worth it right?

Cinque Terre hike in Italy

                                Cinque Terre hike in Italy

Make It Happen Monday

4 Aug

Happy Monday everyone! Hope everyone had an awesome weekend. Hubby and I finished our kitchen makeover this weekend, it is so nice to finally have it done! It was about half way done for over a month so we finally knocked it out.

It was a busy weekend but I wanted to do SOMETHING yesterday and for my birthday I had just bought a new workout DVD. I was hesitant to buy Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown, I tend to be a fan of her advice but I was concerned she’d be over the top in the DVD. I have to say I really like it. The workout was 30 min and she has two workouts on the DVD. One workout is for beginners and one for as you advance. Even within the workout she has two “models”, one who shows the beginner modifications for moves and one who shows the advanced options. I will say that this is NOT your normal yoga so if you’re looking for something true to the practice, I don’t recommend this. All in all though, I’m happy with my purchase and would recommend it as a quick workout option.

yoga meltdownWhile that was good I needed a bit more today. It was LEG DAY! I love leg day. Here’s the workout:


  • 50 mountain climbers
  • 2 sets–
  • 20 squats
  • 20 calf-raises

3 sets:

2 sets:

  • 12 quad pull-ins on medicine ball
  • 12 hamstring curls on medicine ball

quad ball

quad ball 21 set:

  • 20 quad pull-ins
  • 12 single leg hamstring curls/leg

hamstring 1

Okay, I need a tan

Okay, I need a tan

3 sets:

  • 12 straight leg deadlifts
  • 12 leg presses
  • 20 calf raises

Now off to physical therapy and then work the next two days.