Sorry for the Radio Silence

3 Sep

I know I’ve been bad about posting for some time now and I am sorry about that. For the past few weeks I’ve been getting Lidocaine injections in my back which limits the days I can workout (like today for example, not allowed). The days I can go I’ve been doing 2 days a week at the gym and 1 day a week has been lighter at home workouts. It’s definitely made for slower progress than I would like but I think there has been progress so I’m trying to keep focused on that.

I’ve also been playing with different “mocktails” as a way to save some calories since I’m not working out as hard as I’d like. Here’s my two, very basic, top ones so far…

Ginger Ale and Grapefruit juice with Mint (sometimes I add in coconut water but I’ve discovered I don’t really like coconut water… at all)

Ginger Ale and Cranberry (or Sprite)

Do you have good mocktail recipes?? What’s your go to when you want something other than just water but are trying to be good?


What do you think?

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