Longer isn’t always better

17 Sep

Hubby got home Monday which meant my work schedule changed a bit this week and so did my workout schedule. Yesterday I only worked 7-3 so I was able to take advantage of the short day and get a home workout in with Yoga Meltdown. I had planned today as an off day since I saw my back doctor this morning but we ended up not doing injections this week which meant I wanted to fit a workout in.

Today I used Nike Training Club and got a solid 30 minute workout in. For the longest time (and I still fall into the rut) I got stuck on this idea that if I couldn’t get in a full workout at the gym then it wasn’t worth it. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Why so wrong? Because I see way more results fitting in 4, 30-45 min workouts a week than I ever saw with 2, 1-1.5 hr workouts a week. I’m also much more effective with my time when I know I have to get a good workout in less time.

What workout ideas actually end up holding you back? We all use our non-excuses excuses but it’s time to move past them! That’s my fall resolution. Along with enjoying evenings fires and possibly some camping 😉

Tonight I’m making this fun twist on chili for dinner. I’ll make sure to let you know the verdict!

Pumpkin White Bean Chili


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