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Welcome to Gymnastics: We Teach Kids How to Fail

21 Aug

Failure is only final if you give up. I grew up as a gymnast and cheerleader and then coached for years. I love this post.



Okay, hardly my best tag line ever.

I would not recommend you use this in your future marketing plans.

But it is true.

As the school year kicks off and many new and returning students come into our gymnastics academies, embrace and own one of the things we do best: we teach kids how to fail.

Sure, at gymnastics classes, from our littlest athletes who are just learning to walk to our teens who are about to take off for college, we do many good and wonderful things. And one of the best things we do is teach kids how to fail and fail and fail.

And I love it.

No I am not some sort of sadist who derives great pleasure in watching children struggle and suffer.   But I know that failure is a natural part of life and the learning process and far too many of us are…

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