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Where in the world is Fit and Busy?

23 Oct

While this week has no real meaning to my blogging timeline, it has a huge meaning to my “real life” timeline. One year ago Sunday, on a very cold day in MN, hubby and I said “I do” in front of so many of our friends and family. As cliche as it is I do love him more than I did that day and I can honestly say, and I think it probably shows in my writing, my priorities have changed in the past year. I still love fitness and strive everyday to live a healthy and inspiring lifestyle, but I’ve been trying to find a balanced life. Unfortunately, for now, it meant not making a fitness competition a priority but I have been able to do so many other amazing things!

We’ve literally moved around the world and back, I started a personal training business in Japan (which I loved), I’m now 3 months in to an awesome ER job, and I’ve been able to spend a lot more time with family over the past year. Even as I write this I’m in Oklahoma visiting my grandmother and uncle. …not too bad for 365 days.

All of this makes me wonder, what inspires you? For me, it’s my family. I want to be healthy and live a lifestyle that I can teach my kids (whenever that time comes). I want to be proud of what I see in the mirror everyday and if I can inspire even one person, that’s even better.

Toasting on the Eiffel Tower

Toasting on the Eiffel Tower

“And coffee the drink of the gods…”

19 Oct

Those of you who have been following for some time probably know my not so secret addiction… coffee. I started drinking some version of sugar, cream and coffee as a little girl when I visited my grandparents which has since progressed to at least two cups a day, usually more. These days I don’t use any sugar but, heck, we even took wedding pictures at a favorite coffee shop and I don’t think anyone other than our photographer was surprised by the request.

Erica Loeks Photography

Erica Loeks Photography

Erica Loeks Photography

Erica Loeks Photography

And, like any good addict, anytime a new article comes out with benefits of coffee I hold to it like Maia (our Cane Corso) to her favorite squirrel toy. Today’s article even states it makes you a better athlete– I think most of us already knew it can boost a workout. For the win:

11 Reasons You Should Drink Coffee Everyday

Hello Again!

13 Nov

Oh man… what a month! The wedding was everything I could have asked for, the honeymoon was even better, and now I have moved to Japan! I have no car, we don’t really have a house yet, and… well, a lot of other unknowns but we’re here and I am trying to start a routine of some kind until we get more settled in.

We went to France for the honeymoon, it was wonderful! Ate lots of fondue (an easy gluten free option), had great (and some not so great) wine, and just toured around. Stayed active so I didn’t feel too bad about the food (and it was all SO fresh!) but I was ready to get back into a better diet by the time we got home.

We went up into the Alps (Chamonix, Mont Blanc) for a couple days and I have to say, I went on the hardest hike I think I’ve ever done. It was also the highest hike I’ve done to date (2317 meters at the top, lots of switchbacks)… and so worth it. The view from the top was awesome and I had a huge sense of accomplishment. Maybe misplaced, I’m sure people who hike all the time would laugh at it but hey, I was proud of myself. Here’s the view from the top… we had not been prepared for the snow so we ended up taking a tram back down.

Oh, and here’s me… running to the top because I was cold and really wanted hot chocolate:


Anyway, I got up with hubby this morning (his first day back at work) and made eggs and turkey bacon; I guess so far so good on the eating healthy out here? 😉 We’re house sitting for a friend so today I’m planning on taking their two dogs out, they both pull a lot so we’ll see how long the walk actually lasts, and then trying to find the gym on the base. I also plan on cooking a lot until I get settled in with a job here so hopefully that means new recipes for you guys too.

Heads up/apology

20 Oct

Just wanted to post quickly. Future hubby gets home today (YYYAAAYYY) which kicks off a crazy pre-wedding week, followed by the wedding, our honeymoon, and moving to Japan. So I want to apologize now for the fact that I will be very MIA over the next month. I’ll do my best to update but no promises. 🙂

I will def. pick back up consistently once we’re settled in Okinawa with lots of pictures from our adventures!

Lots of changes coming up

17 Oct

Happy Wednesday! Halfway through the week and 3 days until future hubby gets back to the states!

First of all, thank you to everyone who has voted already! I moved up from 50 to 11th in one day so, please keep voting! Apparently the link changes based off your place, which was poor planning on their part (I think). So here’s today’s link:

Fitness Competition Voting

I’ve discovered that October seems to be the hot month for the fitness magazine/websites contests. Oxygen Magazine is doing something similar, as is (which I also entered to be a spokesperson for them!) So, if anyone else is interested… now you know 🙂

But, I mentioned changes… my wedding is coming up next Saturday! And we have finally figured out (after months of back and forth because of military orders etc.) that I will be joining hubby in Okinawa, Japan after the wedding. Which I am REALLY excited about. I think it’ll be really fun and who knows, maybe I’ll find some great healthy Japanese recipes to post from there! Aside from the obvious reason of wanting to actual live with hubby once we’re married… a girl could do worse:


I took that picture last May when I went to visit him, it’s beautiful out there. Anyway, had physical therapy this morning so did side lunges on a BOSU, squats, and a lot of stability exercises for the injured foot. Go back on Tuesday before the wedding for what will probably be my last time (mainly because I’m getting married and going on my honeymoon!)


Yesterday I did basically a total body workout but focused on arms:

Warm up with a 2min rotating plank (10 sec middle, 10 left, 10 middle, 10 right… so on)

20 Bicep Curls

20 Rows (with dumbbells)

20 overhead tricep extensions

20 crunches with weight

40 Ab “bicycles”

*3 sets– my abs killed by the last set of bikes

20 Low Flys

10 squats

12 chest presses

*2 sets

20 hip extensions w/ ankle weight

20 bridges

20 skull crushers

*2 sets

More exciting news…

16 Oct

I have (finally) decided to start a Facebook page for my fitness random thoughts and just more about me. Check it out 🙂

Fit and Busy on Facebook

Side lunges and high heels!

15 Oct

My physical therapist has said that basically anything that doesn’t hurt I’m cleared to do… and if it does hurt, stop and try again a few days later. So we’re working into side lunges and even, apparently, working my way back into wearing heels so I can keep the shoes I bought for the wedding! Guys, I realize that might not seem big to you but trust me, I spent way too long trying to find the “perfect” shoes.

This morning I had physical therapy and then just did a quick ab workout but I wanted to post yesterday’s since it was a leg focused workout.

25 squats– the last set I had to not go as low, I’m trying to listen to my body and back off when it starts to hurt

10 split lunges/leg

*2 sets

20 calf raises

10 side lunges/leg

20 sumo squats

*2 sets

20 hamstring bridges

20 leg lifts

15 dead lifts to bicep curl

*3 sets

20 lateral shoulder raises

20 front shoulder raises

20 Russian Twists/side

*3 set, changing the oblique exercise each time

As I go through things and when I’m in PT, it is definitely getting stronger but the dynamic movements (pushing through a lunge etc) are still very challenging. Keep sending good thoughts my way please 🙂 Future hubby gets home this weekend!

Something I’m trying to remember with this injury:

Legs!! Adapted workout for injury

1 Oct

I FINALLY got to do an adapted leg workout at the gym, it was awesome. I had to be careful and just do body weight etc. etc. but it feels like a real step in progress! Although, thank goodness for nice people because I did have to ask one of the guys to stand by the bench for a set of step-ups in case I fell… Should’ve asked him to take a picture too, oh well.

It took me some time because I had to go slow to make sure the weight was where it should be in the foot. I did 20 single leg squats on my hurt leg, 15 side lunges on the BOSU, and 20 forward lunges on the BOSU at physical therapy (all leading with my hurt foot) so the gym time looked like this:

20 squats (no weight)

20 bicep curls with weight

20 overhead tricep extensions

*3 sets (for the 3rd set I had to switch to single leg squats on my good leg)

12 step-ups onto a bench with my hurt leg on the bench

12 single leg squats on my “good” leg

12 dead-lifts

*2 sets

12 lat pull-downs

8 bicep curls

20 cable straight-arm pull downs

*2 sets

12 leg pull-ins on ball

12 hamstring curls on ball

20 weighted crunches

30 reverse crunches with weight

*2 sets

I was hurting at the end of it so stretched really well and came home to ice instead of trying to bike but it felt so great to feel like I was working that leg again. Of course, I’ll be good and just do the bike and abs tomorrow… I also get to go for my final wedding dress fitting!

Working out while (still) injured

18 Sep

I had such a good weekend! I drove up to my future-in-laws on Friday and got to spend the evening with them before my first bridal shower on Saturday. It was so nice to be able to meet so many people my future hubby knew growing up! I never really understood his love for small towns (I was a suburb and city girl) but seeing everyone show up to meet me and support his family, I started to see his point 🙂 And then yesterday, future hubby’s leave orders came through so we got to book his ticket home for the wedding!

I didn’t break any ribbons for my rehearsal bouquet (which doubles for a bonnet…)


Today I spent my morning sorting wedding e-mails and details (I completely understand how people make a career out of wedding planning) and then got out of the house just to run some errands. I still can’t drive so I went out with my dad to the bank and grocery store. I like going and there were a ton of BOGO sales we got carrots, some cucumbers, and celery for great prices. I’ve even be able to stay off the crutches as long as I limit my time standing and use ice in between… long walks still need the crutches so I had to give up some share days in the OR this week :-/ But I do think it’s slowly getting better so I’m trying to keep my patience.

Today’s workout was better though, because I can put weight on it now I could move a little quicker between exercises and stand for the arm ones.

20 bicep curls

20 lateral shoulder raises

20 front shoulder raises

20 row to tricep kickback

**3 sets, I did higher reps because I was standing so wanted to keep the weights lighter on my foot

20 modified push-ups

12 hip extensions with weight

12 fire hydrants with weight

20 bridges

20 crunches

**3 sets, for the extensions and fire hydrants, tuck the weight behind your knee:

Then I finished with

30 seconds V-Ups

30 seconds scissors

30 seconds flutter kicks

30 resistance bands sit-ups: hook the band on your feet, holding it, lean back almost to the floor and then slowly sit back up:

Afterwards I made a smoothie with the vanilla whey protein, 1 C milk, 1 banana, and 1 tbsp of Peanut Butter.


Injury update

10 Sep

Today I get to start slowly putting weight on my foot; still in the boot, still with crutches. I was told “25%”… I’m not sure how I’m supposed to measure that but I’m trying to be good and just put very light weight. Definitely hurts more because of it but it isn’t unbearable like it was so, moving in the right direction. For my workout I just did a quick abs workout before showering.

Fair warning, the rest of this post has nothing to do with fitness.

As someone pointed out, balance is good… so, quick picture from my wedding crafts I’ve been working on.  🙂 For the table numbers, I made little books for people to leave messages in. The idea is we’ll read one book each anniversary (so table 1 we’ll read on 1 year and so on). They’re just about all done which is great because they were one of the bigger projects!

The little box just says “Please leave a message for the couple to read on this anniversary”