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Happy Birthday to Me!

20 Jul

I love birthdays. I don’t think I’ll ever outgrow that. They’re a way to mark whatever accomplishments or events you’ve had the past year- plus a way to celebrate whatever may come in the next year. What’s not to enjoy?

This weekend I got a couple good workouts in and Friday I went out to dinner with friends to celebrate. We went out in Old Town Alexandria (I love old town) and had a delicious steak dinner. Then Saturday a small group of girl friends and I went out to a vineyard in the area to enjoy a tasting and some girl time. I brought Maximus with me so we ended up not being able to do a tasting but we bought a couple bottles of wine and some cheese and prosciutto and enjoyed the lovely day outside. It was close to the perfect birthday weekend.


It has been an amazing past couple weeks but I’m looking forward to getting back into a routine and back into the gym.

Let’s try this again…

8 Jan

Oh hey 2014… sorry I’ve been MIA. I don’t think I’ve ever had as busy a year as we did in 2013. Just since my last post hubby and I bought a house, had both of our families out for the holidays, I’m off orientation at work, we’ve adopted another dog, and I’ve been promoted to only one physical therapy session a week.

Since moving I’ve joined a gym out by the new house and been getting regular workouts in again but with the holidays the diet definitely hasn’t been like it usually is. So, not only is it time to get back on track with the blog but keep an eye out for lots of recipes coming up!

As all the New Years resolution-ers (it’s a word 😉 ) fill up the gym, I thought it appropriate to repost What People Won’t Tell You


People are (hopefully) always so supportive when you decide to start a new workout routine or diet. It’s usually a chorus of advice of programs that have worked for other people or magazine articles people have seen. Don’t Be That Girl and Don’t Be That Guy covered what not to do as a newbie at the gym but I thought it only fair to give warning to the New Years Resolution-ers(?) that are sticking with it…

1. You will mess up. No ifs, and, or buts… there will be a day where you eat WAY more than you should or indulge a little too much with the wine or… whatever. It happens, it will happen, it will be okay. This is why we have cheat days.

2. Your scale might become your best friend… but it might be your worst enemy. If you’re starting to lift heavy, chances are you’re putting on muscle. Which means you might not always see the weight drop you were expecting right away. Don’t throw away your scale but make sure you’re taking other measurements too (hit up a trainer at your gym to track your body fat). On that note… your weight will fluctuate. The other day I got on the scale and it was way higher than what I was used to seeing. I told hubby knowing he would say something reassuring and checked it again the next morning (I don’t usually check it two days in a row). It was back to an acceptable level.

3. People will try to screw you up. They might not mean to. It’s a simple “oh come on one night won’t kill you” that turns into 4 drinks later and probably some late night munchies that goes beyond what a cheat day should. See number 1.

4. People will say stupid things. “Aren’t you afraid you’re going to get bulky?” (No) “Are you sure you want to do this?” (Yes) “Men don’t like it when girls look masculine” (Thank you?) Etc. Etc. Take it with a grain of salt, they probably aren’t at the gym busting their butt to accomplish a goal.

5. At some point, you will probably hit a plateau. Look into a trainer, look online for a new program, but you need to change something because it indicates that your body has adapted to a routine.

6. Everyone has advice, it doesn’t all work. Most people are very well meaning but be careful who and what you listen to. If it sounds too drastic or too good to be true, it probably won’t work or isn’t actually good for you.

7. Lastly, you will always have problem areas. It’s been said time and time again, we are our harshest critics. Look at the big picture, stick with it.

If you are already into a solid routine these are probably all things you’ve heard multiple times. What other “unexpected” downfalls or issues did you have when you started working out?