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Today’s Arm Workout

7 Jan

I posted earlier since I wasn’t sure if I’d have time to make a post this afternoon so real quick, here’s the arm workout from this morning. I was recently shamed into realizing I hadn’t done any chest exercises in… a long time. Thank you One Fit Mama. So I made a point to hit chest and shoulders today.

  • 20 bicep curls
  • 20 lateral shoulder raises
  • 30 jump-ups onto bench
  • 20 front shoulder raises
  • 20 chest presses (I even moved up my weight today 😉 )
  • 12 overhead tricep extensions
  • 12 tricep pull-downs
  • 8 assisted pull-ups
  • 12 cable flys

I did three sets of the first two and then two sets of the last super-set before moving to cardio.

I also had this moment when I was there… I always make sure to watch my form in the mirror with shoulder stuff since one of mine is reconstructed and I realized, lighting is everything. I was feeling kind of down about the last photo shoot (although thank you so so much for the positive feedback) but at the gym with completely different lighting well… you can still see my muscles is the gist of it. Not saying I’m where I was but it’s not bad. I’ll start doing progress pics etc. again soon. So, for anyone else who gets frustrated when they see some pictures of themselves etc. remember, different  lighting highlights different things.