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“Beast Mode”

1 Jul

So I have these moments where I tell hubby not to worry about something that would normally fall under his “domain” because there’s another project I’ve been wanting to finish or because I like just enjoying the time we do have together since right now he’s gone most of the time until August. Today I had one of those moments.

We found a great deal on a bed frame that we couldn’t pass up. It took a long time for us to find one that we both liked and this one was hugely discounted since it was the floor model and it is missing the side boards/under support (which we’ll just make but since this isn’t a DIY blog… I’ll move on). What we didn’t know is it comes with a huge box of extra parts for if you want to convert it into a full canopy bed… a huge HEAVY box.

To make a long story short, I had told hubby I would take care of opening it and finding a home for the pieces so we could enjoy a date night last night and he could just finish a couple, less time-consuming, projects before heading back to training. I went to open up the box, expecting the size to be mainly due to packing material, only to find that it didn’t make any sense to take the parts out because it didn’t save any space. Which left me to move the huge, heavy box from our guest room to our room so there was space to tuck it against a wall. Doesn’t sound so daunting right?

Except in order to get from point A to point B I had to make three tight turns with this 8 foot long box. After lots of squats, twists, curls, and dragging the box I succeeded! As I was walking away from my “accomplishment” I had the realization that I really don’t think I would have been able to move that box by myself a couple years ago and then I felt even more proud of myself! It’s so fulfilling and motivating to see the benefits of strength training and living a healthy lifestyle in my everyday life.



Okay, bragging over 😉

Burpees and other random things

1 Apr

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter 🙂 We got up and had a light breakfast at the house and then went to church and brunch with some friends before settling in for a movie afternoon (it was pouring rain all morning). We tried making a quinoa crust for pizza and…  it didn’t work out so well. It was fine but nothing worth sharing, if anyone has a good recipe for that I would love it!

Our movers come in two weeks, I feel like there’s s much to do still! It’s very bittersweet leaving after only a few months but I’m so excited to settle down somewhere for a couple years and start the next chapter in our life. Hubby will basically be gone the first couple months we’re there which will make the initial settling in harder but might make it easier to get into a gym routine… we’ll see.

I’ve basically been hitting 4 workouts/week and still volunteering and training a few clients out here so it’s been good.  I’ll post pics next week but I’m slowly getting back to cardio 3 times a week too. My April goal is lifting 3-4 times a week and cardio 4-5 times. I’m losing some definition in my abs and I know its from my decreased cardio… well okay and probably from adding pasta and some other things back into my diet the past few months. For now my solution is upping cardio. My other goal is to not let it stress me out when I’m not doing as well as I should be. I still get really hard on myself after a week off or a week where I don’t feel like I did my best and… that’s probably not for the best so I’m going to work on it.

Random story time for a laugh to start your week. The other day I was training a girl who I’ve been working with for about a month now and she’s made some serious progress. I decided it was time to add some burpees and more dynamic moves into her workouts so I showed her a couple, walking her through each step as I did. When it came time for her I broke it down and we went through the first one slowly. She stood up and I told her “Okay, so that’s 1”. Now if you’ve done burpees you know “1” is actually about a 4 step move… her reaction had me cracking up. Without missing a beat she goes “1?! I think I just saw Jesus… he’s outside the window waiting.” I’ve decided I need the “Burpees don’t really like you either” shirt.


Here we go again…

12 Mar

Just when I thought we were hitting a routine and I was getting back to my 4-5 days (I’ve been doing really well!) we got orders this week for our next move! Looks like the end of April I will be moving back to the U.S. I am very excited to be getting to the D.C. area but it means a crazy next 6 weeks!

I think it’s time to do some meal prep and cook a ton of meals for reheating during lunch time 🙂

Life’s Challenges

8 Jun

I think moving is always challenging. Your whole routine gets thrown off and it takes time to get into a new one. The first couple weeks back in MN have been nice but it’s been a lot of spending time with family (which has been great) and trying to get re-organized. So, while I’ve been getting to the gym about 4-5 times a week, I still feel completely thrown off. Maybe it’s because my diet’s changed a bit, which is my own fault. It’s been hard living back at home and still maintaining all my habits from living by myself; I guess my newest challenge will be blending the two and I’m just going to have to up my self-control and remember that just because it is there or already made doesn’t mean I need to eat it. What are some of your challenges living with roommates or family?

One thing I’ve decided is that after this week I’m going to get my routine and habits back in check before scheduling more photo shoots. They’re fun and a step towards what I want but if I’m not getting in my diet and gym time, they’re kind of pointless.

Anyway, onto workouts! Since it’s been a week with 2 photo shoots and some back and forth, workouts have been a little different than usual. Yesterday I did a cardio/core circuit with a “bootcamp” class and then did my arms on my own since I have a fitness shoot tonight. Looked like this:


20 bicep curls

20 overhead tricep extensions

20 single arm flys/arm

20 lat pull-downs

*3 times

20 reverse cable flys/arm

20 cable flys/arm

20 squats with hammer curl

*2 sets

Circuit from Bootcamp-

1 min jump rope

1 min bosu side squats (stand on the Bosu, step one foot down to the floor, squat, step back up)

1 min side shuffles

1 min crab lifts (get in a crab position, bring your foot up and touch it with opposite hand, alternating)

1 min mountain climbers with hands on a medicine ball (this was a challenge!)

*2 circuits

Then we did some abs and side lunges with the medicine balls and I did 25 min of intervals on a stationary bike