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Morning Workouts

23 Jun

I am not really a morning person. I get up when I have to (like being at work at 0645) but I like my sleep and hate waking up to an alarm. So normally when I say I’m going to get up early to workout… It’s wishful thinking.


*obviously not my picture but it seemed fitting

But today I did it! I set the coffee pot on auto, set the alarm, and woke up to get a workout in and still get ready ย and be at the airport with plenty of time. It’s the little victories ๐Ÿ˜€

For this morning workout, I did a 30 min leg workout for time, looked this:

Always warm up

  • 1 min step back lunges
  • 1 min drop squats
  • 1 min deadlifts
  • 1 min sumo squat with woodchop
  • 1 min side lunge with medicine ball rotation
  • Repeat 2 more times (15 min total… This is a NTC focus workout)

Rest for 1-2 min and then 2 sets of:

  • 1 min thigh lifts/bridges
  • 1 min glute kick backs/hip extensions (30 sec per side)
  • 1 min squats
  • 30 sec calf raise
  • 1 min side plank with leg raise

then I stretched out and made a post workout protein shake.

Now I’m heading back to MN for a few days to see family before starting my new job so, if posts are slow this week, that’s where I am ๐Ÿ™‚

Question for the day

11 Jun

Motivation always slides for me during moves but Nike Training Club has been my tool to stay on track on days that I’m having a hard time pushing myself. What, if any, tools do you use on the days you have a hard time coming up with your own *challenging* workout?

I posted this on Facebook today and am interested to hear the answers…



Just a little shout out

20 Feb

Today I didn’t have a lot of time to workout, and this is going to be very short, because I’m taking the PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support) course and the exams are tomorrow so, I’m studying most this evening. But since hubby and I had gone to mainland for the 4 day weekend I really felt like I needed to get a work out in. Enter… Nike Training Club App. I’ve talked about it before but just have to say it is a great option! It offers anything from full cardio interval workouts to quick 15 min “focused” workouts. I warmed up and did one of the 15 min leg ones and was definetly sweating by the end of it, threw in some abs at the end and now feel much calmer and like I might actually pay attention to what I’m supposed to be reading ๐Ÿ™‚

What are some of your favorite fitness apps? Or, if you don’t have any, do you have any quick workout videos etc to do at home?