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Grown-Up Jungle Gym

11 Aug

Happy weekend! We’re currently waiting for the rescue to come do a “home visit” in order for us to adopt a 4 legged member of the family. This should be the last “check off” to get through until we can go pick her up! Crossing fingers we’ll have a dog in the house sometime this week!

There’s an outdoor gym pretty close to our house and I’d been there once or twice by myself but really wanted to go with hubby to be able to have an assist for pull-ups (I want to be able to get 5 on my own) and just to be able to go workout together. So last night before dinner we finally had time to head down there and make use of the grown-up jungle gym 🙂

It was great! They have directions along with every piece of equipment so even someone completely new to working out could make use of it and they even give suggestions for reps and time. A lot of it involved jumps/impact exercises so we had to skip those because of my ankle but still got an awesome shoulder/back workout in.

We did 2 rounds of:

20 push-ups


You can see some of the different equipment at the park, it’s a pretty good circuit!

Parallel Bar Walks

ImageBody Dips

Pull-Ups (Hubby assisted me with those)

Monkey Bars


Complete with a battle wound 😉

It was a lot of fun to be able to get a good workout in together and enjoy the beautiful weather! After the workout we came home and I made chicken with red peppers and asparagus for dinner (look for the recipe soon).

Does your city or neighborhood have anything like this? What do you do for outdoor workouts?