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I gave in…

22 Jan

The past few months I feel like I’ve been stuck in cycles where I get back into my workouts and eating well and then re-stress my back and, in an attempt to recover, cut too far back on workouts. Today, I made the decision to hire a trainer. I have high hopes that he’ll be able to work with me to push hard when I’m feeling good but not sacrifice workouts when my back is flared up if I don’t have to. So, at the very least, once a week I’ll be paying someone to kick my butt and watch my form. Form is always key but especially with an injury, I think that extra set of eyes will take away some of my fear of new workouts.

I’m also toying with the idea of trying to compete or, at least, update all of my fitness pictures so it will be great to have a resource to help me reach whatever goal I choose.

Now you know my reasons for hiring a trainer, what about you? Have you ever worked with a trainer? If so, what made you hire them? If not, do you have any specific reason why not?

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Workout and Trainers

14 Jul

Happy weekend!

This morning I went to pole so if I hit the gym again today it’ll be mainly cardio, maybe work in some abs. I know I haven’t posted in a few days but it’s not because I’ve been completely slacking! I did take my two days this week off in a row yesterday and the day before.

BUT Thursday I worked out with a trainer at Steele fitness, basically they’re a boutique for personal training. It isn’t a “gym” per se because they are only open when they’re training, so you couldn’t just go in and work out by yourself. However, I really liked the guy I worked with and what I saw from the other 2 trainers working with clients there. If I were in the financial position to keep my pole and gym membership WHILE working with them, I totally would. So there’s an option for people who don’t like working out around a lot of other people or, they also do home training if you want to work out in the privacy of your own home. I thought they would be a lot more expensive but their pricing is pretty comparable to training at most big gyms (like a Lifetime or something) and you get a discount with the more sessions you buy. If it’s something you’re interested in do a google search for places in your area, I get the impression that style of training is becoming more common. (Also in the twin cities check out http://fittwincities.com/get-help-today/ )

The day before I went running and went to pole. Started wearing my 5-finger shoes again (Vibram) and holy cow, it hurt to walk the next day… forgot how much you need to ease back into wearing those for the sake of your calves.

At the moment I have some lime-garlic chicken in the oven, think I might make some onions and peppers and just throw together a low carb burrito bowl if I have fresh black beans. All I did was mix 1 tbsp garlic with some black pepper and enough lime juice to cover the chicken and then threw it in the oven at 375 (I also sprayed the pan with canola oil)

Lately, I’ve been feeling the effects of my snacking and eating more desserts since I’ve been home. I realized I’ve still been good about my meals but not nearly as good about reaching for healthy snacks instead of some less healthy options my family has around so time to really draw it back in. It’s amazing how different you feel when you start eating a lot more sugars etc after eating clean for so long…

And just to mix up the pictures that go out when I publish the post, courtesy of Scott Traczyk:


A different perspective

30 May

This morning I worked with a trainer at Anytime Fitness so I can’t take credit for the workout. Since I did legs yesterday, today was upper-body. Tomorrow is an off day (it would have been running but my leg/hip still hurts so…)

Working with a new trainer is always a little weird the first time. As a trainer, you want to push your client but you don’t want to push to the point where they won’t come back, you have to build a trust. As a client, you want to be pushed but it’s also a personality match. For example, I don’t work well with trainers who really get in my face but some people need that. A good trainer, like a good nurse 🙂 , can pick out which clients need what and how to work with each personality type.

My thoughts on having a trainer? If it’s in your budget… I think, even for those of us who know what to do, it’s a great way to get new ideas and really have someone push you. Even going once a month or once every couple months. (Plus they can help track your progress with measurements etc) For those new to working out or trying to create a big change, I think they are a great resource to help you reach your goals. I also think there are plenty of ways to do it yourself if it isn’t within your budget to hire them: most trainers on the lower end of average run about $70 for an hour.

I may mix up the order a bit but here’s what he had me doing:

25 push-ups then 10 on my knees

15 cable rows

15 shoulder presses (we had to play with weights and reps on this since my shoulder is reconstructed)

30 sit-ups

*2 times

15 incline presses

15 lateral shoulder raises

15 lat pull-downs

25 leg lifts

*2 sets

15 bicep curls

15 cable tricep pull-downs

50 bicycles (the ab exercise)

*2 sets

Then he had me do a variety of plank exercises (lifting arms one at a time, then legs, then opposite arm and leg at the same time) and about 10 more minutes of abs. We’ll see how I feel tomorrow 🙂