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Happy Wednesday

25 Jun

Tell me something happy! I had to get up way too early this morning and, while I fought it, I finally had to take a nap this afternoon. It meant I wasn’t as productive as I wanted to be I felt much better after some R&R and wanted to share some “happy”.

We’re re-doing the kitchen and we’re definitely not as far along as I had hoped but it is looking the way I want it to so that’s a happy thought. AND even more happy we leave for Italy soon! So after a nap, a Blogilates workout, and plenty of reasons to be happy I’m feeling pretty good.

It’s easy to get caught up in our to-do lists or negative things going on but I firmly believe there’s little that a workout and a good cup of coffee can’t fix. So, what’s your happy today?

ImageJudd Furlong Photography


Back to Work

9 Jun

Well… good news! At the end of May I got cleared to go back to work, full duty. It was a bit of an adjustment to jump right back in and I’ve been trying to pick up at least one mini-shift each week on top of it to make up for some lost time and get a few extra hours before we leave for Italy later this summer.

Jumping right back in has also been a quick reminder that I’m not 100% yet so workouts have still been a little lighter than normal. I’m getting great use out of the home workout DVDs I bought for that very reason. I already told you what I thought about Pop Pilates so I thought I’d also include my mini-review of Yoga for Beginners by Bodywisdom.

What I like: you can make the workouts as long or as short as you want. They break it up into mini-routines so you can work out for 10 minutes or 60 minutes.

It’s also very easy for yoga beginners (yours truly) to follow. It moves at a pretty slow pace so I never felt lost.

The flip side: Because it moves slow I didn’t always feel like I was actually working.

Bottom line: I still have a couple of the routines to try but all in all it’s a great way to unwind and relax after a busy day or to use as an active rest day but it won’t be replacing a full workout. I do really like adding it in at the end of doing my PT (lots of core) exercises for a little extra boost.

Image**Throwback yoga photo, Judd Furlong Photography

Other than that, still struggling with getting into a solid meal prep routine so I’d say I wasn’t completely successful with that May goal but I have been doing at least SOMETHING 5 days a week and stretching more, so that’s a win.

Blogilates DVD Review

17 May

As I’m getting back into working out I’m also trying some new workouts and looking into workout DVDs for those days where I’m tight on time and low on motivation. I think it will be a good solution especially for those nights when I get home from work (well, once I’m allowed to go back) and just don’t have the drive to make my own workout.

Today I tried the Blogilates Pop Pilates DVD. To be honest I found her a little condescending at some points and a bit over the top at others throughout the DVD. In all fairness I feel that way about most at home workout movies. That being said my muscles were burning and I did work up a bit of a glow even with my adjustments for my back 🙂 So, bottom line, Cassey Ho gives a good workout, I would say it is NOT for beginners but she does show modifications to ease some of the moves.


From the Blogilates Website

Do you have any go to workout DVDs or at home programs?