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First Kettlebell Attempt

15 Nov

I got a really good workout in right before leaving the states, but the past few days my exercise has basically been taking the dogs on walks. So today, even though I didn’t find the gym, I took advantage of the Kettlebells in the house and looked up exercises (I had never used Kettlebells before). Here’s what I came up with…
20 min walk with the dogs

15 Around the Worlds each direction

15 Figure Eights each direction

20 Squat Swings

3 sets (I got the exercises from: Women’s Health )

30 Crunches with Kettlebell

12 curls (I just used 2 of the same weight Kettlebells)

20 side lunges

20 calf raises

3 sets

2 min rotating planks
Nothing too hard but felt it a bit in my shoulders (probably from the lack of workouts the past month) so… I’ll consider it a win for now. Also made a gluten-free Chicken Risotto for lunch today. Just trying to get back on track!