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Struggles with motivation

26 Nov

It has been way harder than I thought it was going to be to get back into a routine! There’s always something to do… moving more things to the house, groceries, getting the right paperwork, job searching, cooking for Thanksgiving… lots and LOTS of excuses. To be fair, hubby and I are really active people. We’ve been taking the dogs on 20 minute walks at least twice a day so, that plus cleaning and moving etc. has def. kept me active but it’s just not the same. We move into the new house this week (like, tomorrow night I think) so that should help a lot once we’re settled and not living out of suit cases.

We have been cooking and eating pretty well… minus the left over pumpkin pie.Yesterday hubby had the idea to make “chips” with left over yams (well we thought they were sweet potatoes but, still good) so he just put a bit of olive oil in a skillet, sliced the yams really thin and cooked them with some pepper and garlic. It was really tasty and very quick! We had a lot of left over veggies from Thanksgiving so the theme for the week has been seasoning chicken or pork to go with said veggies… it worked really well. I am a little nervous about the new house because it has a Japanese oven which can fit about 2 fish or 2 chicken breasts. We are shipping over a George Foreman and we can use the skillet but it’ll be an adjustment for baking or roasting anything…


Today I did get a good leg workout in:

5 min warm-up

20 sumo squats with weight

20 squats

15 split lunges/leg

20 weighted crunches

20 reverse crunches

*3 sets

20 hip bridges

20 hip extensions

20 fire hydrants

*2 sets

Whole thing took about 35/40 min 🙂

Today’s Monday here; we’ve finished the pie, I have some emails from photographers out here, and I’m tired of skipping workouts so it’s absolutely past time to really get back at it.

Thanksgiving Recipes

20 Nov

I have now braved the commissary all by myself! This might not sound like a big deal, but between the driving on the other side of the road and having to find the commissary… well it’s the little things in life 😉 I bought the last minute things we had forgotten and got all set for Thanksgiving tomorrow.

I haven’t completely decided what I’m doing with the turkey but wanted to share a couple side dishes I’ve found in case you’re still working on your menu…

Spiced Carrots:

Fitness Magazine

Sweet Potatoes:

I couldn’t find one recipe I really liked so I’m combining some (therefore I make no promises as to if this is any good). I’m also going to make a Cinnamon butter to serve on the side. The recipe is mainly from this Women’s Health Recipe.

Sweet Potatoes (I’m serving 4 people so, adjust amounts as needed if you try it)

  • 3 tablespoons orange juice
  • 2 tablespoons brown sugar
  • 1 tablespoon butter
  • Cinnamon and All Spice to taste

*the main variations I saw were Maple Syrup instead of brown sugar, adding in cream, or using an almond liqueur (which we did bring back from our honeymoon so… who knows, maybe I’ll deviate from the plan). I never knew there were so many ways to make sweet potatoes!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope you all have a great day with friends and family.