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Fit While Traveling

20 Oct

This weekend hubby and I took a day off work and went back to MN for one of my good friends weddings. It was great to see family but a few days is never enough time, we didn’t even make it back to hubby’s home town. Despite the crazy schedule of our weekend, the wedding was great. I love weddings, especially when you just feel that the couple is a good fit and this was definitely one of those.

While my diet certainly wasn’t the best this weekend, it wasn’t awful. This led me to think about easy things I try to do while traveling and I thought I should share my top 3 rules…

1. Hydrate! It drives hubby crazy but the first thing I do after getting through security is get a bottle of water. An easy option if you don’t want to buy one is to bring an empty bottle with you through security and find a water fountain to fill it.

2. Bring your snacks. Obviously you eat out more when traveling and, while sometimes that makes it easier to find healthy meal options, snacking can get hard. Especially at the airport! Just save yourself temptation and trouble and bring your own.

3. Stay active. Even if you aren’t getting in gym time, find healthier ways to spend your time on vacation. One day we went to the museum and walked to the park with my niece and nephew, another day my dad and I took our family dog out and just walked to the neighborhood coffee shop while we caught up. You don’t have to do a lot, but you do have to do something.

I could write a whole post on healthy options eating out (and probably have or will) but something to keep in mind at restaurants is always portion control.

Do you have tips or tricks for staying on track while traveling? Do you allow yourself to cheat a bit like I do?

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Arms and Food

23 Jun

Happy weekend everyone. I had a lot of people tell me they liked the posts where I was putting info about what I was eating so I will try to get better about doing that more often! Let me know any other suggestions etc, I always take them into account and do my best to make it work.

Today I tried something different at the gym. I did heavier weight for 8 reps 3 times and then dropped the weight to do 20 reps 1 time. My arms were worked at the end of it!

Sets looked like this:

Bicep Curls

Single Arm Fly with dumbbell

Overhead tricep extension with cable

3 sets with heavy weight, 1 with light (for example I did 20 lbs/hand for the bicep curls and then dropped it to 12)

Assisted Pull-Ups

Cable Rows

Front shoulder raises

Same: 3 sets of 8 with heavier weights and then dropped it for the last set of 20

I finished with rotating planks, crunches, and reverse crunches.

After that I got a quick protein smoothie since I needed to run errands and then for lunch I made scrambled egg white with pepper and a touch of chipotle pepper (3 egg whites, 1 egg)

As a side/dessert I cut up a pear and some Gouda cheese. Cheese is one of those in moderation foods, it is higher in fat etc but it’s a good source of Calcium and some fat in your diet is essential (just a friendly reminder).


Arms shot for the day:


Moving Crazyness

20 May

Moving is always crazy but this one seems more so. It’s been a crazy few days of trying to see friends, sort through stuff, pack and figure out what will fit in my car. I feel like I’m packing for two moves; one to MN for a few months and then the second once I can move after the wedding when future hubby gets home from his deployment.

Anyway, gym is later today but thought I’d write about the past couple days. Friday I did shoulders and cardio: more cardio than shoulders. I did shoulder raises (front and lateral, 3 sets), abs, and kickboxing circuits for 30 min and then shuffle drills on the treadmill for 20 min (2 min right side, 2 center at a run, 2 min left side for 20 minutes). We also went out for my last weekend in Baltimore/wedding celebration which involved lots of dancing… guys you might not understand but ladies; dancing for hours in heels, my legs felt it the next day 😉

Yesterday I did arms and the stationary bike. Looked like this:

12 bicep curls

12 overhead cable tricep extensions

12 lat pull-downs

2 sets, then for the third I dropped the weight down and did 20 reps

12 cable rows

12 overhead tricep extensions with dumbbell

30 step-ups (I put one foot up on the bench and push up to it to switch legs, do it as fast as you can)

3 sets

Bike for 25 min

Since I’m trying to only buy things I’ll eat in the next few days it’s been eggs, chicken, and Chobani yogurt. I am going to make some of the Jamie Eason protein bars for my 23 hour drive.

What are some of your healthy road trip foods?


Workout and Groceries

14 Apr

I’ve had an incredibly productive but still relaxing day… it’s a good feeling to get everything done and still have time to just hang out every once in awhile 🙂

I cleaned my apartment this morning and then had to do some organizing for graduation and the wedding but then, after lunch, I made it to the gym and the grocery store. I FINALLY bought Quinoa (which is Gluten Free if you’re curious..) so I’m excited to play with that for some recipes. I’ve also become hooked on Chobani yogurt, if you haven’t tried them yet and you’re looking for good snacks or healthy dessert options, I’d check them out. Other than that I just bought my basics: chicken, veggies, apples/fruit, eggs, GF bread, and this week I bought a trim cut of pork for a recipe I want to try.

I’m also making these pre-workout protein cookie balls, they’re really easy and so good!


What are some of your grocery items that you have to keep in the kitchen?

At the gym… Arms and cardio day:

2 min plank (30 sec center, 30 left, 30 right, 30 center)

20 lateral arm raises with 5 lb dumbbells

20 front raises with 5 lb dumbbells

20 rows into tricep kickback with 7 lb dumbbells (like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mtHi8Bs23LA except I do both arms at once so squat down with legs together and bend at the waist so your back is relatively flat, both ways are great)

20 push-ups

*repeat 2 more times, rest in between sets as needed

15 bicep curls with 15 lbs dumbells

20 tricep cable pull downs (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7khIU9sEeaw)

20 leg raises

*Repeat 2 more times, rest in between sets

20 hammer head bicep curls with 10 lb dumbbells

15 single arm flies with cable/arm

15 reverse flies with cable/arm

20 “cherry pickers” holding medicine ball (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FnogBwadrPA ) I try to do mine with legs straight for a challenge

*Repeat 1 more time

25 min cardio

The whole thing took me just over an hour.