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Burpees and other random things

1 Apr

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter 🙂 We got up and had a light breakfast at the house and then went to church and brunch with some friends before settling in for a movie afternoon (it was pouring rain all morning). We tried making a quinoa crust for pizza and…  it didn’t work out so well. It was fine but nothing worth sharing, if anyone has a good recipe for that I would love it!

Our movers come in two weeks, I feel like there’s s much to do still! It’s very bittersweet leaving after only a few months but I’m so excited to settle down somewhere for a couple years and start the next chapter in our life. Hubby will basically be gone the first couple months we’re there which will make the initial settling in harder but might make it easier to get into a gym routine… we’ll see.

I’ve basically been hitting 4 workouts/week and still volunteering and training a few clients out here so it’s been good.  I’ll post pics next week but I’m slowly getting back to cardio 3 times a week too. My April goal is lifting 3-4 times a week and cardio 4-5 times. I’m losing some definition in my abs and I know its from my decreased cardio… well okay and probably from adding pasta and some other things back into my diet the past few months. For now my solution is upping cardio. My other goal is to not let it stress me out when I’m not doing as well as I should be. I still get really hard on myself after a week off or a week where I don’t feel like I did my best and… that’s probably not for the best so I’m going to work on it.

Random story time for a laugh to start your week. The other day I was training a girl who I’ve been working with for about a month now and she’s made some serious progress. I decided it was time to add some burpees and more dynamic moves into her workouts so I showed her a couple, walking her through each step as I did. When it came time for her I broke it down and we went through the first one slowly. She stood up and I told her “Okay, so that’s 1”. Now if you’ve done burpees you know “1” is actually about a 4 step move… her reaction had me cracking up. Without missing a beat she goes “1?! I think I just saw Jesus… he’s outside the window waiting.” I’ve decided I need the “Burpees don’t really like you either” shirt.


More exciting news…

16 Oct

I have (finally) decided to start a Facebook page for my fitness random thoughts and just more about me. Check it out 🙂

Fit and Busy on Facebook

Marathon Season

7 Oct

Happy Sunday 🙂

I spent my morning out at the Twin Cities Marathon (no, not running… I have no desire to do that) and just want to say how amazed I am by anyone who ran a marathon today or has in the past. While I myself think running 26 miles is absolute insanity, I am so impressed by the mental and physical aspects of pushing yourself for that long. So, congrats to all you runners!!

This was the first time I’ve really gone to watch a marathon and I loved how much support there was! People had names written on their shirts or people would just yell “Go [insert shirt logo here]!” and made it feel like a huge community thing. It was really awesome to see. Now that I’ve cheered on the runners, time to get myself to the gym. Admittedly, a one hour workout doesn’t seem so bad 🙂

I’m curious… how many of you have or are training for marathons?

A different perspective

30 May

This morning I worked with a trainer at Anytime Fitness so I can’t take credit for the workout. Since I did legs yesterday, today was upper-body. Tomorrow is an off day (it would have been running but my leg/hip still hurts so…)

Working with a new trainer is always a little weird the first time. As a trainer, you want to push your client but you don’t want to push to the point where they won’t come back, you have to build a trust. As a client, you want to be pushed but it’s also a personality match. For example, I don’t work well with trainers who really get in my face but some people need that. A good trainer, like a good nurse 🙂 , can pick out which clients need what and how to work with each personality type.

My thoughts on having a trainer? If it’s in your budget… I think, even for those of us who know what to do, it’s a great way to get new ideas and really have someone push you. Even going once a month or once every couple months. (Plus they can help track your progress with measurements etc) For those new to working out or trying to create a big change, I think they are a great resource to help you reach your goals. I also think there are plenty of ways to do it yourself if it isn’t within your budget to hire them: most trainers on the lower end of average run about $70 for an hour.

I may mix up the order a bit but here’s what he had me doing:

25 push-ups then 10 on my knees

15 cable rows

15 shoulder presses (we had to play with weights and reps on this since my shoulder is reconstructed)

30 sit-ups

*2 times

15 incline presses

15 lateral shoulder raises

15 lat pull-downs

25 leg lifts

*2 sets

15 bicep curls

15 cable tricep pull-downs

50 bicycles (the ab exercise)

*2 sets

Then he had me do a variety of plank exercises (lifting arms one at a time, then legs, then opposite arm and leg at the same time) and about 10 more minutes of abs. We’ll see how I feel tomorrow 🙂